What is Hopkinton Emergency Fund?

The Hopkinton Emergency Fund is a public, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide temporary emergency financial assistance to residents of Hopkinton through collaboration with existing local human services organizations.

The vision of the Hopkinton Emergency Fund is a united Hopkinton community that recognizes its responsibility to support residents when they are faced with emergency situations by providing financial assistance to meet their basic needs.


What specific needs does the Hopkinton Emergency Fund help with?

The Hopkinton Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to individuals and families for critical and unexpected expenses that cannot be paid for by the resident or an existing human services organization, singly or in partnership. There is a wide variety of specific needs for which we can provide funds.


Who is my money going to?

The money you donate will go directly to the business vendor providing the service to the person with an emergency need. For example, if someone has an emergency medical bill that they cannot afford to pay, funds will be delivered directly to the medical provider. The money never touches the hands of the individual in need to ensure that funds are used for the intended purpose.


Does the Hopkinton Emergency Fund help residents outside of Hopkinton?

No, the Hopkinton Emergency Fund is a community fund built for the sole purpose of serving the growing financial needs of Hopkinton residents.


Who does the Hopkinton Emergency Fund receive referrals from?

The Hopkinton Emergency Fund receives referrals from any human services organization that works with Hopkinton residents. This includes, but is not limited to, Hopkinton Youth & Family Services, Hopkinton Senior Center, Project Just Because, and St. Vincent De Paul. The Hopkinton Emergency Fund coordinates with existing service organizations to form a network to better serve our families in need.


Who should I contact if I need financial help or know someone who does?

If you are in need of financial help, please contact one of the following human services organizations:


Why is this needed in Hopkinton?

Existing organizations such as Hopkinton Youth and Family Services, Project Just Because and Hopkinton Senior Center provide basic needs items and services, such as food and clothing, referrals & counseling services, but not financial assistance for other necessities. The Hopkinton Emergency Fund aims to fill a gap in the existing support network. We can provide money to pay bills for medical, transportation, housing and a variety of other critical needs that other organizations cannot cover due to their mission and/or inadequate funds


How does the fund prevent double dipping (duplicate funds provided for the same need)?

While we do not collect any information that reveals the identity of the person, we work closely with our local service agencies to prevent multiple payments to the same individuals. We also pay vendors directly to ensure that funds go to the intended recipient (vendor).  


How does the fund maintain confidentiality of those in need?

Our referral form is submitted by the service organizations and does not collect any information about the person in need. The Hopkinton Emergency Fund writes a check to the business vendor who is providing the service, and the referring organization works with the business vendor to complete the payment. Under this system, we never receive identifying information about the person in need.


How does the Hopkinton Emergency Fund verify that an individual/family has an authentic and critical need for funds?

The referring organizations with whom we work are familiar with the needs of the individuals and families they refer to the Hopkinton Emergency Fund.  The organizations conduct the assessment of need and verify that other potential funding sources have been exhausted.  To maintain confidentiality, we rely on the referring organization to “vet” the client and then send us only the information needed to make a determination.


Why should I donate to the Hopkinton Emergency Fund when I already donate to other organizations?

Thank you for supporting our local partners. Each organization has a unique mission and has encountered circumstances that exceed the resources they have available.  Our mission is to help our neighbors in Hopkinton, beyond what these organizations can do.  That is why we will only accept applications from local service organizations; we do not field requests directly from individuals.  We are the backstop for these organizations when they either do not have the funds or the need is outside of their mission. 


It seems like SVDP already has a financial backstop (They can raise money for financial needs) – why do they still need Hopkinton Emergency Fund?

If you give to Saint Vincent de Paul thank you, and we hope you continue to give.  We are proud to partner with SVDP to help our neighbors in Hopkinton.  Our local SVDP supports a large geographical area and often has to make difficult decisions regarding who they can help. It is in these situations where Hopkinton Emergency is poised to be a backstop for SVDP.



What is the maximum amount that the fund gives?

The Hopkinton Emergency Fund has no official maximum amount that will be disbursed. If the need fits our Funding Criteria and we have sufficient funds, we will be able to help.