Who We Are and What we do.

Who Are We?


The Hopkinton Emergency Fund is a public, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide temporary emergency financial assistance to residents of Hopkinton through collaboration with existing local human services organizations.


Why Are We Needed?


Several human services organizations exist in Hopkinton whose missions are to assist those in need with food, clothing and other necessities. These local organizations have limited funds available in order to help clients pay bills for critical needs, such as health care, car repair, rent, etc. With most organizations offering either distinct services or limited funding for very specific needs, many people in Hopkinton who experience financial emergencies fall between the cracks. This often leaves service organizations without the means to provide monetary assistance.


How Does the Process Work?


If the organizations in Hopkinton cannot provide someone with financial assistance for a specific need either individually or by splitting the cost as a group, they will submit a referral form to us that explains the situation and amount needed. Our grant committee will review the application and if accepted, will write a check directly to the business vendor who is performing the service for the person in need.


What Organizations Do We Work With?


We work with any organization that offers needs-based services in Hopkinton. This includes Hopkinton Youth and Family Services, Hopkinton Senior Center, Project Just Because, and St. Vincent de Paul.