Statements of Support

Mary's and Joe's story...

Mary and Joe are grandparents raising their grandchildren. Mary and Joe had done everything right. They had planned for their own retirement and then their grandchildren had nowhere else to turn. Over time their savings disappeared as they provided for the needs of four children. They live on an extremely fixed income. They have been on a list for low income housing for years and are still far away from receiving a voucher, made more complicated due to their family size. Due to their very high rent, they have to make decisions each month about whether to pay for food, utilities, car insurance, or prescriptions. They do not have a credit card. When their car broke down there were no funds to have the vehicle fixed. They were unable to get to work, go to the grocery store, pharmacy or get the children to and from school.

Hopkinton Youth and Family Services collaborated with the other community services but there simply was not enough money to fix the car. The family fell deeper into debt and were at high risk for losing their apartment. The car repair center deeply discounted the bill and through social media raised some funds. St.Vincent DePaul and the Senior center helped too. The family was still left with a portion of the bill and had to make more tough choices about what would not be paid that month to fix the car.

Hopkinton Emergency Fund partners with organizations like Youth and Family Services, Project Just Because and Saint Vincent de Paul to help families like Mary's and Joe's.

"The Hopkinton Emergency Fund would serve to strengthen the safety net for vulnerable families by providing an avenue for the unmet needs of residents. When a family's dignity is restored through confidential access to help, it improves not only their finances, but their emotional health. When Hopkinton’s most vulnerable are well, all residents are well. The Hopkinton Emergency Fund which will confidentially support your neighbors, friends, and family when they are going through challenging times."


"The Emergency Fund will give families a new ray of hope to be helped financially. In an ever-changing world we live in, this would become a lifeline for these families to receive the financial assistance to help them through their difficult times."


Other stories of families with challenging situations that we could help...

  • A High school graduate became estranged from his family.
    Although he had a full academic scholarship to college, his need for clothing, cell phone, and many sundry items were not covered. The case was shared with Saint Vincent de Paul by Hopkinton Youth & Family Services and Project Just Because. Needs for this young man go well beyond what the combined team can afford, though to date we have been able to cover the basics.

  • A young mother of three presented herself to Saint Vincent de Paul without shelter one week before Christmas.
    The family home that she was staying in had a COVID-19 exposure (and subsequently cases). Because of severe asthma, she was unable to consider a SMOC shelter as an option. We were able to fund one week of hotel, allowing her to avoid having to quarantine in her car. With the spirit of the season and extra year-end giving by benefactors, Saint Vincent de Paul was able to extend the hotel stay for the full two weeks.

  • A recent amputee was homeless and living out of his pickup truck.
    We were able to connect with Saint Vincent
    de Paul chapters in the MetroWest area to pool resources and use national hotel discount rates to house the gentleman in a nearby hotel for two months and provide assistance with gasoline expenses until he turned 60 and became eligible for available senior housing in the area.

Hopkinton Senior Center

"Despite support from other existing human service organizations in the Hopkinton Helpers network, we still found that there were needs we collectively could not meet. The Hopkinton Emergency Fund will provide the community with a much-needed safety net to support those who need assistance and ensure they do not fall through the cracks. "


Saint Vincent de Paul

"Frequently, needs presented to Saint Vincent De Paul cannot be met in full, either independently or through the Hopkinton Helps network. In those cases, the Hopkinton Emergency Fund would be of extreme help to serve as a financial backstop for SVDP and the Hopkinton Helps network more broadly."