Statements of support & Client testimonials

Testimonials and thank you notes we received from clients

"Today I was able to pick up my car this morning and it was all thanks to the generosity and kindness of community. Thank you so much for all you do each day and for the Hopkinton Emergency Fund's magnificent support. Because of all of you I did not have  to default on my bills while saving towards the bill I had to pay for the repair costs of my car which has been a life line for myself and my kids. I would not have been able to come up with the money that the fund so graciously donated to help off set the car. I truly feel the support of the community. my kids and I are very fortunate to be in a town that cares for its residents and to come together in time of need. I hope one day I can give back to the HEF and the office of youth/services that supported me tremendously! I am looking forward to getting back on track and back to my families routine."

"Change the world one child at a time, they are the future!"

"Recently my car broke down and I did not have the money to fix it.  It is an older car and it needed a rebuilt engine and a water pump.  I am 60 years old and my health is not so good. My car is what gets me to and from my dialysis appointments. I asked for help with the payment and with the help of St Vincent de Paul and the Hopkinton Emergency Fund I was able to get my car fixed.   I really appreciate everything they have been able to do for me.  It helped me so much.  Thank you!"

A resident received help paying their rent due to a lost job, car problems, a death in the family and an  accident:

All of which occurred over a short period of time. The resident also works  a low paying job.  HEF assistance allowed them to avoid eviction. They are now receiving longer term assistance to maintain rent payments and get their car fixed.

A family was thankful for our assistance to pay for emergency housing due to unsafe current housing conditions.  

HEF support enable them to continue to pay their bills and support their family and has now moved back into their home.

Thanks from a family for HEF help paying rent after the loss of their job, health issues and the death of their partner.  

They received unemployment and was actively looking for a job.

Hopkinton Emergency Fund partners with organizations like Youth and Family Services, Project Just Because and Saint Vincent de Paul to help families like Mary's and Joe's.

Statements of support from our partners

"The Hopkinton Emergency Fund would serve to strengthen the safety net for vulnerable families by providing an avenue for the unmet needs of residents. When a family's dignity is restored through confidential access to help, it improves not only their finances, but their emotional health. When Hopkinton’s most vulnerable are well, all residents are well. The Hopkinton Emergency Fund which will confidentially support your neighbors, friends, and family when they are going through challenging times."


"The Emergency Fund will give families a new ray of hope to be helped financially. In an ever-changing world we live in, this would become a lifeline for these families to receive the financial assistance to help them through their difficult times."


Hopkinton Senior Center

"Despite support from other existing human service organizations in the Hopkinton Helpers network, we still found that there were needs we collectively could not meet. The Hopkinton Emergency Fund will provide the community with a much-needed safety net to support those who need assistance and ensure they do not fall through the cracks. "


Saint Vincent de Paul 

"Frequently, needs presented to Saint Vincent De Paul cannot be met in full, either independently or through the Hopkinton Helps network. In those cases, the Hopkinton Emergency Fund would be of extreme help to serve as a financial backstop for SVDP and the Hopkinton Helps network more broadly."